My Experience at Peak Excellence Review Center

Before I took my PNLE(Phil. Nursing Licensure Examination), I needed to enroll to a review center as preparation for the board exam and finding the right review center was not quiet easy.

I had two choices of review centers then but if given another choice that time, I would have chosen East West Review Center(which is not included in my two choices) because it was the one affiliated with the University I graduated at but due to my cross-enrollment status, I was not able to do so (There are rules, reasons etc..).

Finally I decided to go for peak due to a discount scholarship I got which is about P2k and also by the random recommendations made by some of my friends. Peak Excellence Review Center it is then.

During my first week at Peak, I was in doubt because there were MANY of us and since there were MANY of us, I thought to myself “WTF? How am I supposed to learn in an environment like this?” and a lot of thoughts followed “Should I just transfer to another review center while it’s still early?” “But I already have friends here” “My close friends are at the other review center” “What about the discount I got here?” Etc..A lot of thoughts came in and left me with a lot more doubts. It was a decision I needed to make right away because my future depends on it(Aside from the University I chose and other stuff). It was one of those moments that I have with myself in random silent places that made me come to a decision. I decided to stick with my first choice, I am already enrolled here so why back-out? I’m taking the responsibility of my first decision here.

And guess what? The decision I made was definitely the right one for me. No regrets or whatsoever.

The owner of the Review center Ma’am Avic was very hands-on. As much as possible she ensures that the students enrolled at her review center are well taken care of and that all of us are doing well during the review. The review was not just about serious learning but mix with fun as well. The anxiety in preparation for the upcoming board is something you can’t ignore, the feeling is there all the time and a lot of times I doubted myself if I was ready or capable enough of taking one of the biggest examination in my life. I even cried at some point. But the environment in the review center helped me cope with it (aside from my family). The people in Peak review center became my second family.

It was an experience I won’t ever forget. Aside from recalling all the things I’ve learned in college, I even learned new things, gained a lot of friends, met a lot of awesome and inspiring people, gained confidence little by little, and was able to cope with the anxiety I was experiencing at that moment. Choosing Peak for my review was a risk I took and in the end was indeed the right risk and decision for me.


By the way, this is not an advertisement or whatsoever. I am just sharing my experience with the said review center.


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