A Sweet Birthday

My cousin’s 6th birthday made my cravings for sweets very satisfied.

All the food served on his birthday was prepared by his mom(who is my aunt) and although it was a simple family dinner, it still looked like a ‘bonggacious’ kid’s party to me.

Hope your eyes enjoy these yummy tasty food I posted from his birthday >:)

7374_476792985790018_3071400856644136288_n 10346112_476793069123343_1873995343576027135_n 10370805_476792945790022_7865986514567266725_n 10372216_476792579123392_597630458903367862_n 10502011_476793039123346_5660529612390971484_n 10527586_476792892456694_4080663081951455968_n 10574345_476793009123349_4729783483472320883_n 10599545_476792672456716_6128227870149698324_n

Here’s a picture of the birthday boy Sebastian Lucas(blue shirt) with another cousin of mine, Gian 🙂 such cuties xxo



A picture of us ready to munch on for a lovely mouth-watering dinner.


Although we weren’t complete it was still a happy precious moment because we were able to celebrate as a family with good food in a wonderful environment AND the fact that we are blessed to have such a sweet boy(Lucas) as part of the family.





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