#OFBT (Outfit for bedtime)

Hi to the people following my blog. Sorry for posting something new this late. I’ve been SUPER busy lately with the review for the upcoming board exam (please include me in your prayers for this Nov 2014 PNLE that I may be able to do well) and also with random important things related crucially for my future.

Anyways for this post I would want to talk about my #OFBT or outfit for bedtime. This is just something random because I miss writing random stuff on my blog and I guess this is just my way of destressing myself with all the pressure I’m experiencing at the moment.

First off, I must confess that if ever there’s a fashion police for bedtime outfits then I’m always guilty because the clothes I wear when I go to bed are total mismatches. Be it color, shape, size, etc..I even sometimes look like a homeless person with the clothes I choose. I don’t know if there are a lot of people like me who wear clothes(after taking a night shower, before going to bed, and I guess it includes when eating breakfast) that look disastrous for their #OFBT, all I can say is: So what? as long as I’m comfortable.

Why am I writing something senseless like this? Well I told you this is just something random I want to share. It was our maid who first noticed and pointed out this weirdness of mine and then my cousins who stayed overnight at our house came next to notice it. They say I look funny and somewhat like a 6th grader and it kinda bothered me a bit before but I got over it and continued on with my weird mismatched #OFBT.

This is my #OFBT : (I don’t have pictures of my own because my camera was damaged and I’m out of budget at the moment  but just try to imagine)

Loose shirt (They even look loose when dad wears them) + Long faded pink pajamas

Jersey shirt + Loose shorts with Christmas like designs + purple half  jacket

Orange loose shirt + Pink loose shorts with spongebob characters at the corners + Blue robe

Red shirt with holes at the armpit area + Gray jogging pants

That’s how weird and different my #OFBT is from my #OOTD. People who’ve never seen me in my #OFBT would be shock. Despite the holes, color mismatched, etc. I feel really comfortable and able to sleep cozy with my bedtime clothes. I feel guilty at the same time happily weird with them. Sometimes I wonder if ever I would continue this #OFBT choices of mine till I get married. Would my husband if ever this continues not be weird out by it? Hahaha. Anyways, this has been another random thought of mine to share.



I don’t know when or how long I’ll be able to post again but I’m sure I’ll update as soonest when I’m not that busy anymore.

Ciao! Stay Happy, Positive and never let others opinion define you.









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