Random Confession About Me.

What to write about?

Summer is ending near and I’m not feeling any sense of accomplishment in any form at all from those 3 months. I was always at home doing nothing, staring at the ceiling, waiting, waiting, waiting….I don’t even know what I’m waiting for.

Doing nothing is basically very TIRING. SHIT TIRING.

I’m jealous of others because I’m a lazy ass person and can’t do anything about this laziness syndrome while they can do something about it.

I want to do something extraordinary but I don’t have enough resources, don’t have enough guts and courage. I’m not resourceful nor creative that’s why I’m always stuck. I don’t have a Boyfriend. WHHHHHY?

Why am I being random?

There’s so many things that I would like to do but don’t have enough courage to do it. I’m a coward, lazy ass person.

Why am I being random again?


I’ve been reading mangas lately and watching kdramas. It made me think, should I date japanese or korean men?

I feel awkward at times at home. Why do I feel as if I always need to sneak in at home, as if I’m a robot or prisoner?

too many unaccomplished things in mind, too many questions without an answer.

Why is my life like this?

Is it because I’ve been selfish lately(mostly) but my biggest regret is that I never had the courage to do things. I never had the courage to fight for what I want. I never had the courage to voice out what’s been running in my mind, thoughts, only through words, through writing.

I’m random, unpredictable, but mostly lazy and a COWARD. </3


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