Can You Be My Foreign Friend?

I have this bucket list for this summer and one of it is to gain or have a foreign friend. Will you help me achieve this ? 🙂 :3 ❤

Hi! I’m Tracy by the way although I might appear shy at first, but later on I tend to be very talkative.

please comment what you think of it or send any email address(this will be confidential) or message me @TheTracyRamas(twitter) if interested.hahaha! I know this is a weird way but hey, there’s no harm in trying. We might end up being friends in facebook,twitter, any social media or even in real life 😀

Pleeeeeeeaaase? that would really reaaaally make my summer 😀 It’s hard to find a foreign friend in my area so I think through the internet, I might just find one or many :))) that would be nice and we can share about each others culture.

Thanks, Xoxo ~Tracyinternational-flag


airplane view



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