Pseudo Relationship A.K.A. Fling

A pseudo relationship, also known as mutual understanding between two people or simply a fling, is almost like a relationship but not quite. It is a phase where the people involved are more than friends, but not quite lovers. This is a situation where both of you act like lovers but in truth you aren’t at all. Others get involved with this as a way of entertaining themselves while still waiting for the real thing. It can be fun since there is no real commitment at all but then there can also be risk and consequences when one is involved.

What are some of these consequences?

A. There is no commitment to be expected from the other person.

This means one does not have a right to be jealous, can’t demand time, or effort, or anything at all from each other because there is NO COMMITMENT.

B. What if you fall deeply in love with the other person?

At least one of you would and it can’t be helped while the other wouldn’t which leads one to end up finding himself or herself being hurt or embarrassed. Who would want that?

C. What if you become attached too much?

You miss him or her most of the time, you expect that he or she would be there for you everyday like a real boyfriend or girlfriend should. Well, reality check here – YOU’RE NOT HIS OR HER GIRLFRIEND OR BOYFRIEND.

In conclusion to this kind of relationship set-up, there is no real assurance of a happy ending because one of you will end up being hurt due to the consequences. There is a choice between being happy and live the moment without worrying what would happen next or you can stop settling with pseudo-relationships and wait for the real thing. When disagreement sets in, or when one of you gets cold, then that would be the end of it. Unlike in a serious relationship, you don’t really know where to place yourself in the priorities of the other person. In a pseudo relationship, there is actually never an “us” but just “you” and “me”. If you want to be involved with this kind of set-up, then you should be ready to face its consequences because it is only rare that these relationships end up being the real thing. As for me, I have been in this kind of set-up and I ended up being the one getting hurt which was ironic because I was the one who wanted to be involved in this kind of set-up. Now I realized that instead of experimenting and trying to get involved with this set-up, why not just wait for the real and serious thing to come and happen? At least you would know your place. It’s hard being in a situation wherein you feel happy but only for a moment and most of it you are unsure and lost. Would you want that?



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