A Sad Birthday

My 21st birthday. It’s supposed to be something epic because 21 is the age where club partying and alcohol unlimited is introduced but unfortunately 2 days before my birthday my grandmother died.  An unexpected event that still left me and my family a bit shock. She was okay during the past few weeks even going on about eating her favorite meals as usual so what happened was something we did not expect and it was a heartbreaking moment for us. Instead of partying, I mourned throughout my birthday.Though many of my friends greeted me through text/social network and some even tried preparing a surprise (unfortunately I was unable to come), I still did not feel happy or excited or eager to start my first day as a 21 year old person. My family mourned though they try to lighten the mood, it just didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like a day for celebration. I didn’t feel like doing the things I planned to do during my birthday, all I wanted was to be alone and all I felt was sadness.

You see, my grandmother (lola “Aling”) was my last grandparent who was still alive but then she passed away just like that in her sleep and so it was a shock. I didn’t expect her to go so sudden. She didn’t make it till my birthday and she definitely didn’t make it till Christmas. This is just the worst birthday ever.

With everything that has happened, I know she is happy to be coming home back in God’s arms. Lola, I’m sorry for all my shortcomings, for not having time to always visit you, for keeping distance and Thank you for the love. Since I was a kid, you were always very supportive and always provide us with the best that you can give. I will do my best to finish my studies, achieve all of my dreams and make you proud. Thank you and I love you. May you finally be happy in God’s kingdom.

Here are some of Lola Aling’s pictures filled with memories that would forever be in our hearts and minds.

994990_10200253328975563_2122905665_n 544218_10200253339055815_952684287_n

Again, Thank you and We love you lola. Rest in peace.




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