Dear future boyfriend

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Whoever you are there’s a lot of things I’d like you to know.

If you’re gonna fall in love with me, don’t fall in love with my exterior aspects, don’t fall in love with the way I look after spending hours getting ready, or my freshly done hair. I’m not perfect myself but please bear with me still. Fall in love with my body, the way it widens quite a lot around my hips and how I will never have that perfect figure and how I honestly don’t care.

There may be times that you won’t understand me and my “weird” tantrums and would want to walk out and give-up but please don’t. Fall in-love with my impatience, my jealous moods, and the times that I don’t feel anything at all, and fall in love with how sometimes I act like a child whilst other times I can be the most mature.
Fall in love with my scars, my marks and all the things that makes me far less than perfect and fall in love with every part of me, both good and bad, and especially with all that I consider a flaw. I hope you love me not just because of the good qualities I have but the bad ones as well. I hope you are ready to accept and embrace seeing the ugly side of me even if I try to hide it when I’m with you. I am not the barbie type of girl you can show off and brag to your friends, despite that I do hope you would still love me and be proud of me. I’m no good in cooking, but I’m definitely good at cleaning things up so I hope that would be okay for you. If you want, I can learn to cook just for you future boyfriend. Everyday, I pray to God about you. I ask Him for you. I don’t mind how long it’d take but I know He’s preparing you for me so that when we see each other, everything would be perfect.The time, the place, the situation, it would all be perfect.

I used to dream about you but I never get to picture your face well, it’s always a blur. But I’ve imagined how nice we’ll be together. I’ve imagined how warm and comfortable it will be like beside you and how I can laugh at your perky statements/jokes while not even minding how I’d look. Although I got a list of qualities that you as my boyfriend should have but then again I’m not aiming for perfect as long as you won’t easily give-up on me, on us preferably then I’ll be fine.I can understand if you are not “perfect” or the “ideal” guy I’ve always wanted to date but still I chose you. Because I’ve fallen for you, because I love you. I’d like you to know how thankful and happy I am  knowing that I am loved by you, not just because of what I have but because of who I am and I thank you for that.

Love sincerely,

your future girlfriend


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