That secret place.

Ever thought about having that secret place just for yourself? A place where you forget about reality and just dream on about anything? A place where you can let your problems easily pass through as if you never had it? A place you can feel comfortable and cozy? A place you can call all yours? A beautiful place where you can always run to when you feel the world’s being too much on you?

I’ve always dreamed of having that secret place of mine. Although I have a home, still there are times where I want to go to a place where no one can really find me. I want to have a beautiful escape place, the ones I always read about in book. Most of the characters in those stories refer to these places as their “Secret hideout”. It may seem kind of childish, but I really do want to have my own personal “Secret hideout place” I’ve never found my permanent secret hideout. When I was young, there was this place, it was beside a river but now it seems too dangerous to go to because the calamities destroyed the safety aura and it’s no longer secret because many already know about that place and so it can’t be considered as “secret” since many go there already.

In my head, I’ve always pictured this place as somewhere I can feel close to nature in all it’s natural form. Where I can feel the wind gently pass my skin, the sunshine kissing my cheeks, the sound of the rustle of leaves and water flowing gently in my ear, the birds chirping their songs, the shades of trees covering my body, the beautiful clear blue skies I can lavish my sights upon. A place where you don’t mind what time of the day it is because all you would care about is enjoying the feeling that the moment gives.

sweet escape



  1. davecenker · October 18, 2013

    That secret place is so important to help rejuvenate the soul. There are as many types of secret places as there are people in the world. The key is to find a place that allows you to become one with your true self, appreciate your surroundings, and illuminate the light within that radiates outward for all to see and be inspired by. I am thinking of mine right now 😉 Have a beautifully inspired day!

  2. missTracy's · October 19, 2013

    have a beautifully inspired day as well 🙂

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