My Best Friend No More

This is a continuation of my previous post entitled “I miss my best friend” . It was weird because just one afternoon as I was walking alone from School, I just realized that I don’t have a best friend anymore.

The last time we talked, he asked about a common person we know ( who happen to deceived me ) and after that conversation we haven’t talked since, when we see each other he either just smiles or nods. He’s already graduated from the University and will be taking the board exam (NLE) this November, but he still visits the University since his review center is located near BUT he never tried to visit me or asked me to hang out with him. It hurt knowing he’ll never be that guy I once called my awesome best friend.

It was like our friendship was just a mere time fling that lasted for about 3 years. How can friendship be easily forgotten in just a snap?! He has a friend whom he still hangs out with, and that friend of his happens to be my block mate in a major subject.

Good for that block mate of mine whom he still hangs out with. It’s like when we see each other, we act as if we barely know one another. It’s feels awkward already hanging out with him. If it was 3/2 years ago, we would be really loud and act as if we’re the only people around and telling each other endless random story. Talking to him before was always comfortable and easy but now, it’s simply different. I used to text him and asked how he was but now our text conversation would only last about 20 mins then he’d be gone. No more replies. I tried my hardest not to loose the friendship but it still kept on fading, I tried to understand the busy schedule we both had (he was a graduating student then and I was busy for my psychiatric nursing affiliation in another place as a requirement for my 4th year) thinking that when we both have free time already then we can still catch up on things we’ve missed but that free time never came. It’s hard especially when you’re the only one making the effort.

I used to think we’d last forever, as they say “Friendship last longer than Love” but this was never true to us.

As I was walking one gloomy afternoon going to the jeepney stop, I just came to realize (and accept the fact) that I don’t anymore have an awesome best friend. Rather I only have other friends……and him, I think he’s more likely just an acquaintance now. Unconsciously, I just  stopped trying and just gave up. People sometimes have their turning point wherein they think “it’s enough already”.

For him, despite what happened to us I still want to thank you because you’ve been a big part of the person I am today. Thank you for the memories, I promise to look up to them with a smile I hope you do the same too. Our friendship might never be the same but one thing I know will remain the same, It’s the memories I’ve had of you. Thank you my once awesome best friend.



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