Why can’t you leave my moles alone?!


I’m freakin pissed by people who keep pestering me about my moles.

Yes, I have many moles on my face, actually there are about TEN moles located on my face to be specific and most of them are alive. I grew up being used to them being on my face and I have no problem or whatsoever with them because I still attract guys even if I have lots of them on my face. The thing is or let’s just say what really pisses me off is when other people stare at me (particularly at my moles) and make jokes like “hey! there’s dirt on your face” wtf dude? that’s a mole, haven’t you ever seen one in your entire friggin life??!!

Hearing comments like this pisses me off because I get insecure then after. I admit, I’m still not that into all my moles, it takes time for me to accept each and while in the process of accepting them (that I’m born with it and that it makes me unique), I can’t stop others from noticing and making comments about them. I’d appreciate it if the comment is positive in a way that it will boost my confidence and help me accept them but others just can’t seem to stop making rude comments or jokes about them. What is your problem mr and miss rude commenter? if you don’t like my moles then stop staring at them because they’re mine and if you have a problem with their population on my face you are out of it, it’s my face, my moles, my problem. Or if you have a negative comment about it, then you should just keep it to yourself rather than saying it to my face or gossip it to others and making me feel as if it’s the worst problem in the world. I try to stay cool as much as I can and let them see that I ain’t affected about it but sometimes I just want to burst to tears because the comments are just too much even if they say “it was only a joke” but jokes are half meant right?

Ugh! why was I born with an increasing number of moles on my face?

When I was young my mom would always tell me that moles are beauty marks and then that would eventually make me feel okay but now it’s just not that effective anymore. I still feel down when someone makes fun about my moles. I am so sensitive when it comes to my moles especially the ones on my face. I used to dream that when  I have a job, I would save all my salary to remove my moles, but then my friends would say there’s no need to because they look good on me. Yes, I think they look good but I still get so fragile when it comes to the topic about moles that sometimes, I wish I can just disappear when a friend, professor, acquaintance, or anybody starts a topic about moles because it makes me remember of those rude comments.

cindy_crawford_42 Marilyn-Monroe-marilyn-monroe-17271358-566-782

I looked on the internet and searched for famous people who have moles on their faces, and one of those people are the very famous CINDY CRAWFORD, NATALIE PORTMAN, and of course legendary MARILYN MONROE. They all have moles on their faces and still  are successful and even famous. They are also considered as gorgeous, beautiful women.

I keep reminding myself that my moles are not hindrances from me becoming the person I want to be. I thought before that I can easily take it but now as I am growing up and reality sets in, it’s really difficult to cope with insecurities especially when others keep on bombarding me with negative comments about the way I look. They hurt deep and my parents or friends aren’t always there to catch me and make me feel better. I realized that I should be stronger and that I am beautiful no matter what they say or comments they make. My moles make me unique and stand out from others so I don’t care if they try to make me feel ugly because I have moles. I’ll just think that they’re jealous because I have something that makes me uncommon from others. Normal is boring and so is perfect. As one of my professor in the University once said  “Beauty fades but character lingers” . I will try not mind if I don’t look attractive or beautiful to others because I don’t exist to please their eyes but I will definitely try to always be a good person and that my actions will not hurt anybody but rather uplift them and encourage them to  be more than what they give. I will not try to change my look, I know time will come that I will love all my moles and one day, I will see myself as a beautiful person who have fought and won against her insecurities.




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