Lipstick that sticks ;)

I looked so pale one gloomy afternoon that I decided to try on that lipstick given to me be my friend as a gift. Just wanted to try it and see how it would look on me.


This is the lipstick I tried on – the brand is “EXCEL”, I think you can buy this in any cosmetics or even convenience store.


I totally love the results ! I’m not really that into make-up but seeing my lips dressed on a lipstick looks amazing. hahaha. Forgive me for being so overwhelmed because I usually wear only light colored lipsticks because I totally thought I’d looked goofy with a dark colored lipstick.


My lips then went vain or should I say became a “camwhore”

lips.jpg lips2.jpg

This lipstick is great ! Why didn’t I used it immediately after it was given to me? Maybe because I’m uncomfortable wearing make-up on casual clothes? or was I just waiting for the right occasion to wear it on? Or I needed to be bored first before I could try it on? Anyways, I would totally use this lipstick maybe not everyday but I would totally wear it even if I’m not in a party.

DSC03723 DSC03721

Should I model for this lipstick? hahahaha. I’m in-love with it. And it stayed on my lips for 6 hours without retouching. Amazing huh? Usually the lipsticks I used needed constant retouching every hour but this stayed longer. And my lips didn’t looked pale till night time.


me trying hard here to look like a model. I found a new love lipstick that totally sticks ❤



  1. Must Have Boxes · August 19, 2013

    This lip color is so pretty!

    – KW

    • missTracy's · August 21, 2013

      thanks 😉 I usually go for the light colored ones but this made me change my mind.

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