Happy 17th Birthday Brother Dearest ! :)


This post is a bit late but I still would like to share it 🙂 I’ve been busy with University work lately but I don’t want to vanish quiet suddenly from my blog, so expect that my post would be rare and please forgive me for that 😛 Studies are my priority right now. ANYWAYS, the cupcakes above is my gift for my brother’s 17th. They were affordable and very delicious. I got so jealous of the person who baked ze cupcakes because they were phenomenal! After university, I promise myself that I will really learn how to bake or just even make cupcakes.

DSC03357 DSC03355

Time flies really fast. My once little short brother has grown to be a tall teenager. I feel so old.HAHA. I can’t believe he’s already 17 ! It still feels as if he just turned 8 :O I wish you all the best “manghud”, I hope one day you’ll grow up to be a man we would be proud of 🙂 We love you, and you know that 😉

xoxo – ate Tracy.



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