How it used to be and how it has been.

I made this post because I just saw the movie “Toy Story” and all those memories of my childhood days began sinking back in my head. I just need to let it out.


I miss those days when things were practically fun and easy.When making friends was not really that hard because everybody were easy to get along with and you don’t have to worry about whether you can trust him/her to be your friend, as long as you’re having fun then all just flows right in. Sure we fight, but saying sorry was easy back then and so is forgiving.

I miss those cute lockers we had during kindergarten years. I don’t know why but I just love the sight of our lockers whenever I’m in the classroom. So colorful and so full of random things.Image

Our playground wherein we wish to play all day and girls not worrying about getting sweaty and being boyish in action. Being surrounded with people who aren’t judgmental but only cares about having fun.


Being an adult is different. Now that I’m an adult, I have bigger responsibilities. People expect me to do things like “this” “that” “those”. It can be a bit of a pressure because once you fall down, it ain’t easy to get back up. Most of the time, you’re on your on. There are so many expectations which are hard to ignore. They expect you to strive everyday, improve, and always aim high at things. Can things still be the same when I was just a kid? Others say they make you ready when the right opportunity comes. What if that opportunity never comes? What if you were wrong in your goals? What would then happen?

I think it’s best to think that despite being an adult, trying to think like a kid (not to the point of regression) would do good. It helps us on how to take things that we may encounter along the way. Things such as  success, or even failures. Life’s too beautiful and exciting to be taken so seriously like a boring daily routine, we should know that it’s good to pause and relax once in a while and maybe take a walk and reminisce those childhood days. I don’t regret anything about my childhood years but I’m simply happy about it because of the good memories I get to reminisce on once in a while. I miss all of it, but I’m not regretful or sad when I remember those days, instead  I simply see myself smiling. I’m proud and thankful of my childhood years because it has a big impact on what I have become right now as an adult and as a person. HAPPY MEMORIES KEEP PEOPLE HAPPY AND SO LET’S CONTINUE ON MAKING THEM.


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