Gulaman Palamig – Summer cooler

This is my attempt to make something delicious and refreshing for summer 🙂 I got the idea from my blockmate while we were talking about the weather (which was very hot-34ºC). This was also inspired by the street vendors just near the University.


First thing I did was bought the powdered type gulaman and boiled it to about 1.4L of water.

DSC03245 DSC03248

I waited till it became a bit sticky and put it in a container for it to cool down.


After it cooled down, I sliced it to tiny squares (you can slice it to any shape you desire).


I then mixed it with condensed milk (the brand I used was “daisy” because it ain’t too sweet, just right) and ice cubes.


I put it in the freezer for a few hours and the result is simply “DELICIOUS”


This is just perfect for summer 🙂 Something to take off the mind from the hot weather.


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