Amanpulo Island Resort, Palawan.


This is my very dream vacation ever since I could remember. When I first laid eyes on its beautiful scenery pictures, I immediately told myself that  this place would definitely be one of my must-visit places. But despite my huge determination to go to this place, I still doubt if I could ever visit this place because base on the researches I’ve made, most of the people who have been there are wealthy, rich, or of the upper class.. I’m not. I have financial problems within my family, struggling college student, and soon to be someone who is unemployed for ” I don’t know how long but hopefully not quiet long”, so my dreams of visiting Amanpulo (which means “peaceful island” and considered as Heaven on earth as they say) will have to wait for a very looooong time. I’m not even sure if I’ll be given the opportunity to step on this place. This place is very private and secluded, the best for those really stressed out people or those public figures (actors,politicians,socialites,etc.) who seek quiet and private time with loved ones or just themselves or those who simply just want to enjoy a peaceful and breathtaking, beautiful surrounding. I ain’t really that much of a stressed out person, not even close to being a public figure but I still would want to visit this place. I’m in-love with it.

267307_1761585249712_192520_n amanpulo1



Pulo_GarysNestBBQ2_509 Amanpulo-Beach-Casita amanpulo (1)

If given the chance even for just one night, I would totally grab it. It would be a dream come true. Oh Amanpulo! whyyyy do I have to fall for you this hard?

Saving won’t be enough base on my current status. I need to work hard to achieve this dream. I would want to bring my family here where we can enjoy, relax, and spoil ourselves with the luxuries the island has to offer. Hopefully, I’ll be visiting this place soon. I just need to study and work harder. This would be one of those blessings I’ll be awaiting and will receive in the future from all my hardwork. HOPEFULLY.  🙂


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