My One Week Stay at Camiguin Island

This was one of those “unexpected, to the last minute decision whether to go or not” trip. My aunts were already planning about this trip since last month and I was not involved in it since we all thought I was going for Davao this March for my Psychia Affiliation (I belonged to the third batch which will be going this April instead). I only had a day to ask permission from my mom if I could come with my aunts and cousins and pack the things I will be needing for our 1 week stay at the island. I was excited and anxious. Excited because I am going back after 2 years in Camiguin and I really miss seeing all those beautiful places, feeling the life of an islander, going back to basics on doing most things, I just miss Camiguin. Anxious because one day of preparing myself and what things to pack feels not enough, you see I’m a freak girl scout. I always want to be ready and so I ended up bringing a really heavy baggage and most of those things I packed weren’t even used during the trip.

Going from our place(CDO) to Camiguin Island takes about 6-7 hours. We need to travel to Balingoan first either by bus or car and since our car was not in good condition at that time, we decided to take the bus instead and feel the life of a traveler 😉


We started to travel around 4am and this was one of the views from the bus while travelling

The bus ride took about 2-3 hours






After arriving at Balingoan, we took a motor with side car ride going to the port where we took a boat ride that brought us to our destination  CAMIGUIN ISLAND.



Despite the short trip it was a blast. Lots of places worth visiting, many friendly local people in the island, and delicious fresh seafood served everyday. Their daily living was very different from the city life, everything was just simple and everybody seemed to know everybody else in the island.


DSC02458 DSC02445 DSC02436 DSC02435DSC02551DSC02415DSC02399 DSC02394DSC02580DSC02412


Everything was just so close to nature and simple. The people in the island really preserved the beauty mother nature has given to them.

The best part I love about the island aside from its friendly people, natural springs, fresh seafood, and beautiful beaches, is the Sunset I get to spoil my eyes on as each day ends. It’s like a happily ever after scene for me.

DSC02585 DSC02428 DSC02431 DSC02509

Even if there were times I was told to babysit my cousins (I couldn’t complain cause my aunts were the ones who shouldered my expenses during the trip) it was still okay because from what it’s worth, I was able to experience being in Camiguin after 2 years.

I promise to be back again, with just the right amount of baggage 🙂 I”LL DEFINITELY MISS CAMIGUIN ISLAND.



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