Dreaming my “Happily Ever After”

I’ve been seeing a lot of stories/movies lately of couples or two people finding each other and falling in-love. So romantic that it gives me that hopeful feeling that someday I might get to have my own love story too. Different stories all with the same theme which is LOVE. In my 20 years of existence, I am a NBSB (no boyfriend since birth), embarrassing but true. As you  know, I’m very traditional and part of our tradition when it comes to having a boyfriend is that a guy first goes through the process of courting and waits until the girl says yes in becoming her boyfriend. Our tradition is very conservative, I grew up on it.Most of the couples in the family have undergone this experience of courting. The reason (I think) why I never had a boyfriend is because most guys in our place thinks I’m too choosy( which I really am NOT) or the knowledge that why would they waste time on courting someone too long when there are girls out there who aren’t traditional and are easy.

There are instances that I feel desperate that sometimes I’d tell myself to just go for any guy just for the experience. But then again I can’t, cause at least in the courting process I am able to know the guy first before taking the step of getting in a relationship with him. You see even if I never had a boyfriend, I can say I’ve been in-love..There was this guy, he was courting me for about 5 months and he knows how I feel about him and so am I to him. The reason why he was waiting that long was because I was still young at that time and I promised my dad that I’ll only entertain the idea of having a boyfriend when I’m 18. I told him about it and he said he was willing to wait.At first it went well, during those 5 months I was falling for him. He was the first guy who made me feel jealous of other girls and so everyday I try my best to look good for him.To make the long story short, he broke his promise because he got tired of waiting and met someone instead. I was hurt, crushed, and I felt really lost. I was always late in classes, lost my will to study my subjects and I ended up failing a semester. I was just so down and felt so insecure at that time. He was my first heart ache.

It was hard moving on (weird because we never even became an official couple but still it hurt).

Anyways, back to my original topic which is about dreaming of a happily ever after with that not perfect but just right guy for you.I don’t limit my possibilities of finding that guy who’s just perfect for me, only me and not anyone else’s. Looks don’t really matter as long as he makes me laugh or smile in moments when I least expect myself to be. Someone who’s not just a boyfriend but also a best friend. Someone who doesn’t make promises but when he does, he makes sure he makes it. I’m more attracted to substance than just the exterior surface when it comes to guys.

Everybody dreams of a happily ever after, who doesn’t? Me? I’m in no rush cause I believe he’s out there searching for me 🙂 I’m hopeless romantic. Heartaches won’t stop me from finding the right guy. It might not be right now but time will come that we’ll cross each others path and we both then can start making our happily ever after a reality.

Wherever he is, I can’t wait to meet him and have



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