There is such a thing as LOVE.duh?!


I don’t believe the statement above. Because for me there is such a thing as love. We may not foresee it from a boy-girl relationship thing, but love can be manifested in different ways. It can either come from family and friends or even love for a certain hobby or profession, it doesn’t necessarily need to come from a boy or man you like or the other way around. For me, love is something that makes you a better person. It serves as your inspiration, courage, strength, and happiness or even sadness. Love isn’t just about the good things happening to you but also the bad things but despite the bad things, you still go through with it and fight for it cause you know in the end it will all be worth it.


LOVE is an adventure, it is a long road ahead and you’ll never know the surprises that will come your way if you don’t take the journey.


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