SAVE.SAVE.SAVE. That was what I’ve always wanted to do but I just realized that I’m easily tempted, easily distracted, and easily able to approach my savings card/wallet to get money and buy that guilty pleasure thing that I just can’t resist (new clothes, shoes, FOOD). How can I save with this kind of routine? That was then the idea of buying a fragile piggy bank came to mind. 

What if I try this? It won’t hurt to try and maybe, just maybe, I might be able to save a big amount because in order to get it’s contents,I need to break it and breaking it might remind me or put my conscience to work out if what I’m doing is justifiable. HAHA. Maybe I’ll try to experiment on this because trying to break it will first put me to thought about what I’m about to do rather than being able to easily withdraw from my card or hidden wallet.

I will buy that fragile yet big PIGGY BANK and start saving this Monday since I’ll be buying one tomorrow 🙂 after 2-3 months, let’s see how effective it is and how big the amount I am able to save through it,Image


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