Bucket list #3 – Jump off a waterfall

tinago tumblr_majm2daNHQ1rdv9m1o1_500

I have been planning this for AGES. I think I was able to visit this awesome falls which is perfect to do my waterfall jump but I was about five or six and my mom didn’t allow me to do so. The picture shown by the way is called “TINAGO FALLS” located in Iligan city. In english it means, “Hidden Falls” . It was my first and last visit of that place. I never got the time, budget, and car to do so(travel to its destination is faaaaaaaar and only a few public vehicles go there). I think this will be one of my first destinations after college since it’s near the city where I’m living. I’m dying to do this. I dream to do this. I wan to experience this. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be saving money(cross-fingers) for this trip and HOPEFULLY I will be successful in my savings goal. I need to discipline myself in the aspect of budgeting. But before I go there, I need to prepare myself, save money to buy that awesome camera, and find worthy friends to accompany me to this trip. THIS IS GOING TO BE AN AMAZING BUCKET LIST FULFILLMENT ! 😀


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