What happened in my first day of 2013? 

To start off, I ate media noche with my family 😀 We didn’t bought fireworks, we just watched the neighbors set off theirs. It was a beautiful mornight with all the colorful fireworks set off the sky welcoming the year 2013.

It was a day full of happiness and contentment. I was able to spent it with my family(we were complete). Though there were times we were able to spent it together, but during those times, I was either sick or having tantrums(I was still immature/childish). You see, my dad is a seaman and most of the time, he is not able to spend the holidays with us.

I was happy seeing dad really excited and happy being able to spend new year’s eve with us. We did not prepare that much food but still, we were HAPPY enjoying each other’s company.

We slept at about 2am and woke at 7am. We ate breakfast and after that, mom decided that we should go to the beach. The idea made me excited since it’s been like forever since the last time I went to a beach. Dad was quiet hesitant at first but thanks to mom’s convincing power, we were able to really go to the beach. Mom decided that we should invite my aunts,uncles, and cousins so that it’d be a big family gathering for us.

Off to the beach we went. It was a fine sunny day 🙂 For the first time, I wasn’t concerned about getting sunburned skin 😀 It was a fun day at the beach for the family.We stayed at the beach for about 5 hours and after swimming tirelessly, talking and catching up on each other’s lives, and finishing up the food we brought along, we headed home.

I literally got darkened skin due to the sun burn but I didn’t really mind that much, all that mattered was we enjoyed the first day of 2013 as a family. We spent quality time as a family and It felt good.

Hopefully we will be able to get more of these moments in 2013. Dad is leaving for work again this January and will be back by July or June or depending on the company’s decision. I am looking forward for another day like 1-1-13



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