Change for 2013

bigstockphoto_Change_Ahead_5993268     I realize recently that I’ve been putting too much on my bucket list and yet there is not a single thing written there that I’ve actually done. This had me thinking, why am I writing this? I just turned 20 last November and the way I see my life, there aren’t much accomplishments I’ve done.Well, there are some that I’m proud of but then sometimes I get this feeling that there’s something missing or that those are not enough. I reread my bucket list for the nth time and it was then that I realize that the things I put there are too much/ I don’t have enough budget to accomplish at least one. As you know, I’m still a college student and I’m on a tight budget because studying in a University requires a lot of financial sacrifices.  Because of these realizations, I made a conclusion that I should focus more of the present rather than the future. When I have nothing school related thing to do, I usually get my bucket list book and scan it and think of things to add to it without realizing that I’ve accomplished none. I think I do too much planning yet none has been put to action. I SHOULD CHANGE THAT. Too much planning has caused me to miss the enjoyment of my youth. I thought the bucket list I made would help me in the crisis but then it only makes me depress especially at the thought that I’ve done none of it. This 2013, I should rewrite my list. I won’t change it all but I will make some adjustments and add simpler goals.At least knowing that I’ve accomplished some would be nice. I should also learn how to focus on the present more rather than the future. I plan to post my rewritten bucket list on this blog along with the experiences and thoughts of mine that I’d like to share every now and then.


by the end of 2013, I should be able to post those things from my bucket list that I’ve accomplished.Suggestions also would be nice 🙂


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