Meet my teammates !


This was my first time to actually join a basketball team.  At first it was sort of a joke for me because I never imagined myself playing basketball, as you can see I am quite the “demur” type. My friend Kathleen was the one who encouraged me to join for the intramurals because they lack players and she also said that they don’t mind if those who join don’t have any experience with basketball because they will be trained as long as they are interested to be part of the team. AND SO I decided to join since I was sort of bored. It was an interesting experience for me because for the first time in my life I felt really tired and exhausted physically but still I wanted to continue. During one of our trainings we were able to play with the alumni players and they were AWFULLY GOOD. They were a challenge and so I tried my best to train myself so that the next match with them, I will be worth the challenge for them.

After weeks of practice we were already nearing the Intramurals, as I have observed our team improved quite well, those who can’t shoot really well is now able to do so. And me, our captain ball said I could do quite a good defense 😉 mwahaha! anyways, we were quite nervous and excited for our first play as a team because MOST of us are amateur players.

During the day of our play in the Intramurals we were set to play against the girls from the engineering college department and FYI (not stereotyping here) but most girls from the engineering department are like boys when they play. Sometimes you might think that you are actually playing against a guy. WE WERE FREAKIN’ NERVOUS.We lost unfortunately, they were really good.

The first game was quite disappointing because we lost. Our next match was against the ladies from the Agriculture college and surprisingly WE WON. HAHAHA! then another match was set against the college of education-> this match was the thrilling one and most watched because whoever will win will accelerate to the finals. The score were really close and there were A LOT of fans who cheered in the university gymnasium that day from different colleges. It was adrenaline rush for most of us and most of those who watched sided with us and we did not want to disappoint them. It was nerve wracking, we were able to extend the match because of the free shots( Thankfully!) right then and there we knew we needed to step our game up. We were able to lead the score because of the 3-point shots we did. AND WEEEEEE WWWWOOOON! hahahahahaha.THE FEELING WAS REALLY GOOD.It was like I did not want it to end and just go on replaying the events that just happened.

Although we did not win in the finals we were still happy to be on the top 4 colleges who were able to play for the championship. Our college was proud of us for making it to the top despite not winning champion.Joining the basketball team was a decision I NEVER REGRETTED. It was such an experience that I’d always want to go back to and reminisce.


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