hi world!

387357_2205651311086_1020952975_nThis is my first time to do a blog.It feels weird yet exciting.I feel as if this is a chance for me to share those experiences I find worth remembering. I’m not the type who can easily catch attention.I’m average yet random.There are a lot of things going on inside my head, I try to see the world in a different perspective. I can be weird in my own way and I like being weird. Through this blog hopefully, I’d be able to share those things I find interesting, let others see how I see the world and other stuff. I want to be able to express without being judge and I also want to make this blog as my way to cope with stress. I’m currently studying in a university and taking up bachelor of science in nursing, BSN for short. My course is very stressful both in academic and field work(duty days) but I try to be optimistic about it. There’s always good coming after a storm. haha. Things can get a bit random and crazy inside my head so hopefully people reading will bear with it. I want to do lots of things but too damn lazy to try them, always making my studies as an excuse. Hopefully, things won’t be too late for me to try and experience. anyone reading this, hope you’ll enjoy or gain something. HAHA. For now, I’ll only be posting a bucket list and some memorable experiences. After University, I WILL TRY THE THINGS I’VE LISTED IN MY BUCKET LIST.


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